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Limericks Part 1 - Holiday Faire

"Just one pun, less filling!" (But it'll knock the stuffing out of you!) Hmm... Thanksgiving puns tonite. Notice that altho we might name warships "falcon" and "eagle", no one ever names their ship "turkey"! :-)

Look out! Here comes another Limerick!

We sail on the "Turkey", by gum,
she's only got one rusty gun,
flank bell is 5 knots; we get 20 in reverse,
they say the builders were drunk or worse,
but we can really move when we run!

Is there a Doktor in the House? (or on the ship??)

Alas for my poor brain,
these limericks leave me in pain.
For hacked-up verse libre,
puns striped like a zebra,
send me in search-a aspirin!

I try to evoke Rilke
I try very hard
instead I get selkies
and verses like lard...

(not even a limerick, tonite it's "limerick lite"!!) :-)
Colleen (But my verse is hearse!)


Poems are made by fools like we,
'Specially 'lectronically,
But dinnae fash,
Dear Ogden Nash,
Done this way we kill no tree.

Hmm, said the Baron, I'm in a fix,
Of HE shells I have left only six,
Bad news! We're all out of AP rounds...
But I've a frozen turkey that weighs 50 pounds -
The leaden shot sent QE into the Styx.

Immortalized in poetry, I blush
it gives me quite a nice rush.
Thank goodness old Frau
With her ugly ram-bow
Can turn dainty Brit TBs to mush.

"We should've won, we could'a!
If we'd gotten the Baron, we would'a!"
Claim our most worthy British foes.
But I've learned, in addition to their woes,
..the outcome will be decided in Florida!

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